My conceptual poetry sequence ræfs was published as a micro-chap by Ghost City Press.
Available for download. Cover design process detailed on my blogpost.

Second pamphlet Immurement available now
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Immurement cover
Yvonne Litschel’s Immurement unfurls a hand of disturbed grammar and syntax. Occasional phrases jut out awkwardly like a dislocated spine, or a pier on dry land, provoking moments of strange pleasure and sensory discord. A “catchment area for mismatched absences” which leaves the reader unsettled and entranced.

Pamphlet // 30 pages

Available from the publisher


*I also read from Immurement and Moth Dust on April 17th for Theatre Of Failure in London, you can watch here



Debut chapbook Moth Dust available now

Moth Dust by Yvonne Litschel is at its core an exploration of death, and both its presence and prevalence in all aspects of existence. Whether positioned at the forefront of the piece, or present in a less overt manner, death can be found throughout the collection. Through a combination of lyricism and disjunction, the reader is accompanied through various narratives and encouraged to reflect upon the inevitable and learn to accept or even embrace it. The varying degrees of discussion aim to open up a dialogue about topics surrounding death.”

Published January 2018 by Sampson Low as part of the Writers Centre Kingston Series.
Available from the publisher