Forthcoming: Museum of Futures Exhibition 2019

The third annual exhibition of visual literature at Museum of Futures in Surbiton will feature Poetry / Poetography / Photographic Literature. Held between February 21st and March 8th, I am happy to once again be co-curating under SJ Fowler and alongside other poets.

–  Submissions are open December 1st until February 10th

–  The exhibition is only open to those who can hand deliver their work, framed, to the Museum of Futures gallery on Wednesday February 20th 2019, in Surbiton.

–  The exhibition is for Phoetry, Poetography, Photopoems and Poetic Photography – that is visual works somehow exploring the intersections between the photographic and the poetic. This may involve texts with images, images with texts, the handmade, the digitally crafted, the collaged and the photoshopped. All understandings of the remit are welcome.

–  All submissions must be sent to museumoffutures[at]gmail[.]com with proposed works attached as jpegs. Three works maximum. Please include bio.

Although officially you are unable to submit work unless you can deliver it in person, last year we did have two people post work to us, so although I can’t guarantee anything it may be possible to make an exception in some circumstances. I’m currently working on clarifying this year’s stance on logistics, but if you’re really eager to be part of the exhibition though aren’t based in or around London there’s no harm in asking for yourself. If you use the official email feel free to cite me so that in the unlikely event that S is unhappy I can take the blame for providing misinformation. Or, if you’re wary of going that route, feel free to contact me directly and I’ll see what I can do.

More information about the exhibition may be found here.

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