*Status Report*

I may have slipped through January’s publishing fingers but not through want of working.

* Currently finetuning the Immurement manuscript, which now exists formatted, though still a few months away from publication of course.
* I’m also working on some interview response questions, which is taking longer than it might for others as I am never asked anything, but it is nice to be asked.
* There’s a new collaborative project in the works that I am very excited to see the final result of.
* I’ve also been doing things for another collaborative project that is several years away from seeing the light of day for complicated reasons. One of the solo projects I’ve been working on might warrant the same classification actually…
* Also planning to start working on one of my three (four?) pamphlet ideas soon.

So, things are still happening behind the scenes. I’m going to work hard this year to create more things and hopefully get more things out there. I would put ‘do more events’ in there too, but I have far less control over that sort of thing and don’t want to promise myself things I can’t necessarily deliver, as much as I’d love to. But I endeavour to take any opportunity that comes to me and to create opportunities for myself wherever I can.