My poem idle is now up at Eunoia Review.

xxxxx images bear the (small)
x signature scent the chance
xxxxx encounter of a kindness
x it is necessary to surface

I don’t tend to do a lot in terms of where lines begin on a page as it’s something I’m still trying to become comfortable with, but I’m happy with how this turned out in the full version. This is also another poem that will be part of Immurement.

Read idle in Eunoia Review.




My poem frontispiece is now up at The Interpreter’s House.

a reliance on siagonology the study
of jaw bones its definitive edges somehow
secondary tonation in ink  

The poem will be featured in my forthcoming pamphlet Immurement. Issue 70 also contains work by Iris Colomb and Julia-Rose Lewis, so it was nice to be published alongside some poetry friends.

With thanks to editor Georgi Gill for his patience with my spacing specificity.

Read frontispiece on The Interpreter’s House.