sleepless aside

My poem sleepless aside has now been published in Volume 4 of Foxhole Magazine.

an actor who wears a stuffed toy is called “a stuffed toy”
degradation which goes around pretty appearance is a problem
filling the insides moulded to resemble animals certain

The poem is composed of fragments of a Japanese Wikipedia article on plush toys, translated back and forth several times in order to further warp the semantics. This is likely why it ended up fitting into the Information Issue of the magazine – which is beautiful by the way, the kind of thing you might buy for the cover alone (designed by Matthew Kay, for anyone wondering) only to be delighted that the rest of the magazine matches up.

Find out more about the publication here.

two poems: sk and Lambeth

My poems sk and Lambeth have now been published in Issue 69 of Tears In The Fence.

button up shirt collar
starched to a stiffness
ensuing past asphyxia

an elbow’s depth
he cannot swallow
life’s gristle   […]

Three lines from each. I don’t tend to submit multiple poems to publications, just because I feel that any links are cumulative rather than standalone in terms of my own writing. These poems will be featured as part of a collaborative project which will only come to light in the significantly far future. Lambeth is not the place, taken from a bus stop which is a place, but not.

The magazine is only available in print, so there isn’t a page I can link to with the full poems, but if you want 174 pages of creative content the option is there. You can find me on page 77, which makes me very happy as it seems like a nice number. Other pages I like are… actually there are too many. But names I recognise and would also recommend are Serena Mayer on page 26, Jazmine Linklater on page 45, and Lisa Kiew on page 169.

Find out more about the publication here.