forthcoming: Immurement and Theatre of Failure

My second pamphlet Immurement will be published with Broken Sleep Books on April 17th. I began writing it as an exploration of interior in terms of rooms and objects, spending many an hour in museums among other places, but it grew thematically to encompass the interior in a broader sense, including that of the mind and how we may immure ourselves.

From the publisher:

Yvonne Litschel’s Immurement unfurls a hand of disturbed grammar and syntax. Occasional phrases jut out awkwardly like a dislocated spine, or a pier on dry land, provoking moments of strange pleasure and sensory discord. A “catchment area for mismatched absences” which leaves the reader unsettled and entranced.

On April 17th I will also be reading some poems from Immurement, as well as a few from Moth Dust, as part of the Theatre of Failures held at Nell of Old Drury in London. I’m not sure that I’ll have the physical copies in time to sell them there but hopefully it won’t matter too much if I don’t. There are also a number of other talented creators reading on the night, and the event is completely free, so if you’re able to come along I recommend it.

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