Immurement cover

Immurement has officially been published with Broken Sleep Books.

Yvonne Litschel’s Immurement unfurls a hand of disturbed grammar and syntax. Occasional phrases jut out awkwardly like a dislocated spine, or a pier on dry land, provoking moments of strange pleasure and sensory discord. A “catchment area for mismatched absences” which leaves the reader unsettled and entranced.

Some of the poems have been published elsewhere, including frontispiece, moonskin, idle, and sleepless aside. As such you have a preview of 22.22% of the poems, which is quite a nice number.

I was initially approached by Aaron Kent, publisher of Broken Sleep Books, because of moonskin, so I’m happy that it ended up fitting with what I produced. Truth be told I’d planned to submit to journals for the foreseeable future and put together another pamphlet behind the scenes before finding publishers to pitch it to, so when my first journal publication attracted the attention of an editor, and to the extent that he wanted to publish me, I was surprised to say the least. I consulted with more experienced poets and learnt that this is not a thing that happens a lot, so I was grateful that it did. Initially I thought I’d just been offered the opportunity to pitch something.

I often forget this when discussing how the pamphlet came about, but originally I was going to write around cabinets of curiosity. I made excursions to the Wellcome Collection and the Museum of Childhood, sitting and writing in front of exhibits for hours at the time, as well as wandering my hometown’s antique shop with a notepad in tow. Some semblance of the theme still remains, but I found myself broadening it to encompass first interiors in a more general sense, and then in a more abstract sense the interior of the mind, and the ways we immure ourselves.

Immurement is available to buy in both hard copy and pdf format from the Broken Sleep Books website.


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