two poems: collective consumption and field study

My poems collective consumption and field study have now been published in Volume 3 of Tentacular.

another problem eels don’t need.
cracks in the riverbed becoming
how to harvest a rabbit
from powdered sugar. moon cut

if the lamb was left
vine-twined tactical
like this pacify quite quick
not counting crows or dogs

Four lines from each for perusal. I suppose the link between the two is countryside imagery and eating, though it sounds quite dull put that way. To make it less tiresome: the last few lines of collective consumption reference my being told several times my several different people that if they had to choose another person to eat they’d pick me because apparently as I’ve never eaten meat my flesh would be the most “pure”, and field study was inspired by the proposal that brambles are in fact carnivorous and sheep get caught on them so that they’ll die in place and their bodies will provide nutrients for the plant in question.

Full versions of the poems are available to read here.



tongue 83

My visual poem tongue 83 has been published in issue 10 The Projectionist’s Playground.

I’ve been told that it’s difficult to read, and though I’m happy to have multiple strange readings of it, part of it was intended to be read a certain way

what is the thing that connects the tongue
over a matter / doesn’t matter / over a fondness / are we enemies?

are we enemies was borrowed from one of Kafka’s letters to… Max Brod? I’m not sure, it’s been a while since I wrote my essay on him.

Aside from the Sidekick Books Headbooks this is my first visual poem in print. I’ve posted pictures of it on Twitter though plan to upload a copy of the original image at some point.

Copies of The Projectionist’s Playground are available here.