published: ræfs

My micro-chapbook ræfs has been published with Ghost City Press.

A conceptual poetry sequence, it consists of twenty three short segments comprised almost solely of nouns. As there wasn’t the option to include a blurb or similar I decided to take advantage of this and only disclose the subject of the writing at the end of the book in an attempt to allow for a more authentic experience.

raefs cover

This was the first time I was permitted to design a front cover beyond colour selection, and I genuinely enjoyed it so much. The design was inspired by an instructional shadow puppet illustration in a French Encyclopaedia from 1885, prompted by some curtains I’d seen while walking around a nicer neighbourhood one day (odd to get inspiration from a stranger’s curtains I know). I played around with colours and settled on a greenish tinge, though other iterations can currently be seen on my Twitter banner. I’ll include them here actually, as they have their own charms.


All of the books in the summer micro-chap series are available to read for free and accompanied by an optional button to donate directly to the author, so I encourage you to check out the other publications in the series as it’s really wonderful to have so much work at your fingertips.

ræfs is now available on the Ghost City Press website.

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