Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize

I am elated to announce that I have been placed second in the Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize for Poetry ages 22-26.

My poem dogwalkslowly has been published as part of the winner’s anthology. You can read it over on my Twitter feed.

I’m actually really proud of this piece, not just because it somehow managed to be awarded something but because it really shows a progression in my writing style. I’m working on using more straightforward language in a less straightforward way, and trying to take up more space on the page in a way that is meaningful.

I ended up deciding against attending the award ceremony out of my own preference, but the organisers were very understanding (and also offered to make accommodations for me, which I appreciated enormously even though they weren’t solutions for me personally). I came away with a copy of the anthology, a selection of KFS books, a feedback letter from the judges, and a mini cupcake with the Streetcake logo on.

Read more about the Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize here.