forthcoming 2021: Broken Sleep Books Immigration Anthology

I received an email that three of my poems will be featured in the Broken Sleep Books Immigration Anthology, to be published in January 2021.

“The poetry anthology will feature poetry by immigrant poets, poets born to immigrants, grandchildren of immigrants, or people living in a country that is not their own. BSB editor Aaron Kent’s grandad was a war refugee from Hungary and the greatest man he’s ever known. We want to do our bit to help immigrant voices be heard, especially under a government that champions xenophobia.”
(pieced together from several Twitter statuses)

I sent a message beforehand asking if I was eligible to submit as the granddaughter of a prisoner of war. Aaron replied confirming that I was able to submit and told me a bit more about his intentions with the anthology – though I’ll leave it to him to share as and when, but I really look forward to seeing how it turns out.

My grandfather was Romanian and came to England as a PoW following the Second World War. I honestly don’t know that much about his life when he was younger, particularly before and during the war, and what he did tell he would sometimes change after the telling. There’s a lot to say of him and also not nearly enough. I’ve always found national identity to be complicated and I think he felt the same.

The poems of mine which have been accepted, historical inaccuracy and veer, discuss place and location, while We do not discuss the origin of foxes is about language or lack thereof.

The anthology isn’t out for a while but I’m really interested to see the final product.

Update, September 2020: it has a title! Crossing Lines: An Anthology of Immigrant Voices

two poems: fallout and coalescence

Two of my poems have been published in Issue 5 of Homology Lit.

From fallout

[…]   the acrobatics of feathers
dangling soft into eyelashes, masks are a
kind of rorschach test for unwearers.
how foolish   […]

From coalescence

the wellbeing of childhood insects
as though they didn’t pull the legs off you
& how does it feel to disrecall
waitlisted for internality

The poems are available to read in full here.