inflection points

My poem inflection points has been published by Permeable Barrier.

it prequelled it ~ tearing red thread
; a void calls at train tracks
the station drawn out as a circle

Written after Noriko’s Dinner Table (紀子の食卓) with a focus on Tokyo Ueno Station, also incorporating my own experiences.

Not featured: on my last day in Tokyo, I walked around every set of coin lockers in the entire station looking for somewhere to store my suitcases for a few hours before I got the overnight bus back to Osaka. They were all full, so I ended up going to a manned luggage drop-off instead. The following day I checked the news for whatever reason and found out that a few hours after I’d left, a body had been found in a large suitcase that had been left in one of the coin lockers. Exactly the size of locker I was seeking out.

The poem is able to read in full here.

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