frames per second

My poem frames per second has been published by Re-Side.

in that sense / sense that in creating
the figure an attachment forms

between forms in claymation

Part of the sixth issue and on the topic of connections, each writer was randomly assigned a word from a list to be included in the first line, and the final line had to include the following word in the list. My words were “replaceable” and “sister”. It was the latter that I struggled with most, so I focused on the former, and ended up writing a poem about stop-motion puppetry. More specifically, I mainly wrote about Blood Tea and Red String by Christiane Cegavske. I was ill a lot when I was younger and I often found myself watching the film on my laptop while laying in bed, dozing in and out to the adventures of the strange creatures therein.

The issue is available to be read in full here.