fragile muse – blood orange tarot

My poem fragile muse has been published as part of the blood orange experimental poetry tarot.

the skin of half intended sleep
slips free of velvet, gentle jaw
drawing shoreline   […]

The poem will represent the upright Two of Cups in the forthcoming deck.

I originally wrote it around the Queen of Cups card in the White Sage deck, which depicts an otter basking in the water with a cup of tea in one hand and waving with the other. As the card—known in the blood orange tarot as the Creator of Cups—had just been assigned a different poem, the editor suggested some alternatives, which is how I ended up with the Two of Cups. Although it’s not what I intended I feel like the poem fits the card well, so I’m happy with the outcome.

The piece is able to be read in full here, and blood orange continues to accept submissions so if you’re interested in contributing do have a look at what cards are still available.

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