Rewilding: An Ecopoetic Anthology

My poem floral mimicry subtypes in humans has been published as part of the Rewilding anthology. I usually post a verse though given the visual aspect I’ve cropped one instead:

floral mimicry subtypes in humans cropped

printed shirts : aggressive / mimicry, / [predator] depicting something harmless, / camarades in the glasshouse / the sharpest contrast, smooth edges, soft / colours foraging success

This was one of the times when I did proper research before writing something. In simple terms floral mimicry is where a plant has evolved to resemble another organism, either to attract and detract attention from itself, much like animals and insects do. So I kind of anthropomorphised the different types and divided them along a predator/prey route involving a floral shirt and a pair of shears.

This is one of the rare times where someone’s reviewed something I’m in or have done, so I’m including that here because it makes me happy. Andrea Mason on Twitter writes “ephemeral poem ‘floral mimicry subtypes in humans’ narrates a nervous dance – hand-written over shadowy botanical illustration”, and in Susie Campbell’s review of the anthology for Poets for the Planet, she writes that “‘floral mimicry subtypes in humans’ breaks down the opposition of flower shapes and letter shapes”–and in both cases they have written more about the many other wonderful pieces in the anthology so do have a look at both the thread and the article for an idea of the other work featured.


The volume was published by Crested Tit Collective, and edited by Briony Hughes; I’ve written before about how much I adore the group in a previous post.

The book is not currently available for purchase directly from Crested Tit, but it is available here from Blackwell’s.