Crossing Lines anthology

My poems historical inaccuracy, veer, and We do not discuss the origin of foxes have been published as part of Crossing Lines: an anthology of immigrant poetry from Broken Sleep Books.

what els coult enticed me to this
desolate country /?

The there strange is whole
but takes much new force
by suffering listed and allows so.

On what part are you pigeon?
I line up my breadcrumbs
to foxfollow nomadic.

Crossing Lines An Anthology of Immigrant Poetry

I’ve written about it before but this anthology really means a lot to me. My poem historical inaccuracy is also the opening poem in the book which is a genuine honour.

From the description:

Crossing Lines features a variety of poets writing about immigration, it shows how the physical and metaphorical borders of civilisation have shifted over time and how some persist. The most powerful sentiment in Crossing Lines is one of community, it is an anthology which takes delight in the shared complexity of human experience, celebrating what makes us who we are, gathered together in the welcoming arms of poetry.

The anthology is available for purchase from the Broken Sleep Books website here.