Crossing Lines in The Guardian

I received the most wonderful email from Crossing Lines editor Aaron Kent this afternoon that the anthology has been reviewed in The Guardian! Mainstream media has a tendency to overlook smaller independent publishers, so it’s really wonderful to see a Broken Sleep Books publication highlighted on such a large platform.

The review begins:

“what els coalt enticed me to this / desolate country/ ?”, begins Yvonne Litschel’s poem “historical inaccuracy”

And concludes:

Much is lost, but much is preserved and vindicated in this welcome anthology.

It feels slightly self-indulgent to only include the portion of the review mentioning my own writing, but it is not a particularly long review and so I don’t want to include too much of it here.

The review was written by Aingeal Clare and published as part of The best recent poetry – review roundup, which can be read in full here.

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