My visual poem pang has been published as part of MAINTENANT 15: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Poetry.

I actually created pang by accident while trying to scan in a collage of torn text and acrylic paint. I must have had the wrong settings on because instead of an image of what I had scanned, the output was compiled of strangely written text and oddly cropped image fragments scattered across a Word document. Because I was scanning it in my university library at 2am so that I could send it to my lecturer before our meeting, I didn’t initially appreciate the visual aspects so much, but out of a poorly managed time-pressure setting, on second glance I actually really liked it.

Even now it’s one of my favourite things I’ve created, and it was a complete accident. It’s had a lot of trouble finding a home, but three years later and here we are.

The publisher is based in New York and have noted that there are currently further hurdles shipping to the UK than previously, but I’m excited to see how it looks in print.

MAINTENANT 15 is available to purchase here from Three Rooms Press, or from other non-Amazoŋ websites.