white sheet (short exposure time)

My poem white sheet (short exposure time) has been published in Pink Plastic House.

the shadow of a girl ~ begins to take
shape ~ in the stereoscope

Written in response to examples of spirit photography featured as part of the Smoke and Mirrors: The Psychology of Magic exhibition held at the Wellcome Museum in London in 2019.

I was genuinely overjoyed to have a poem accepted to Pink Plastic House as I love the concept behind the journal and really admire the work Kristin Garth puts into the visual aspects. She even created a new room for my poem, the darkroom, with its own picture and everything!

The poem is able to be read in full here — as poems are published on a rolling basis it will make its way down the page, so you’ll need to search my name to find it, or use this image link instead.

update: MA Publishing

From mid-October I will be studying MA Publishing at the University of the Arts, London.

I’ve been trying to get into the publishing industry since completing my undergraduate degree, and after two years this is the logical step to take. The UAL course is actually the only one I applied to, as I was really attracted to its focus on practical skills and actual bookmaking; I find publishing incredibly interesting but looking at the course content for other universities made me feel quite disdainful. But the one I’ve been accepted to seems genuinely engaging, and I intend to make as much use of the book-related facilities as possible while there.

Hopefully in the next year or so I’ll help boost the appalling 13 per cent figure for working-class people in the publishing industry.

fragile muse – blood orange tarot

My poem fragile muse has been published as part of the blood orange experimental poetry tarot.

the skin of half intended sleep
slips free of velvet, gentle jaw
drawing shoreline   […]

The poem will represent the upright Two of Cups in the forthcoming deck.

I originally wrote it around the Queen of Cups card in the White Sage deck, which depicts an otter basking in the water with a cup of tea in one hand and waving with the other. As the card—known in the blood orange tarot as the Creator of Cups—had just been assigned a different poem, the editor suggested some alternatives, which is how I ended up with the Two of Cups. Although it’s not what I intended I feel like the poem fits the card well, so I’m happy with the outcome.

The piece is able to be read in full here, and blood orange continues to accept submissions so if you’re interested in contributing do have a look at what cards are still available.

Future-Facing online exhibition

To celebrate the launch of the second edition of Astropolis by Astra Papachristodoulou (pub. Hesterglock Press), as well as the launch of the NeoptiCo Collectiv, Poem Atlas is hosting the Future-Facing exhibition, online until September 15th.

From the exhibition page:

Sometimes in the rush to predict the future, we tend to forget that we are shaping it. This exhibition of visual poetry and photography offers a kaleidoscope of potential futures and challenges our complex relationship with technology – each NeoptiCo Collective member adds their own interpretation of this theme using their own unique poetic voice. We are proud to present this exhibition which offers a glimpse into Neo-Futurist poetics.

The exhibition can be viewed in full here, though please note that after September 15th 2020 the link will likely no longer work.

forthcoming: Rewilding Anthology

My piece floral mimicry subtypes in humans will be featured in the forthcoming Rewilding anthology, published by the Crested Tit Collective. It involves visual aspects similar to those seen in my whynow illustrated responses, as well as handwriting as opposed to typography, aiming to give the impression of reworked field notes.

The anthology will be “on the topic of ecology, including but not limited to: poetry, essays, ephemera, objects and art”. Other poets featured, as well as CTC members, include Astra Papachristodoulou, Karen Sandhu, CA Conrad, and Aaron Kent; the full list of contributors can be found here.