WCK collaboration with Olga Kolesnikova

I was glad to be invited back to Writers Centre Kingston to create a new collaborative performance with Olga Kolesnikova.

wck collab olga kolesnikova

We originally wanted to do something messier but realised that Rose Theatre would likely be displeased with this – so if anyone is looking for collaborative performances for an event either hosted outside or perhaps over a tarp of some sort, do drop me an email.

This was the thirteenth event for WCK and the first of the academic year. As well as ourselves the evening also included: a collaboration between Susie Campbell & Lucy Furlong; the launch of Clockwork by Astra Papachristodoulou; and speakers Tina Chanter and Damian Le Bas, each responding to the theme of ‘Becoming’.

More information on the event may be found here.

European Camarade in Manchester

On Friday 13th April I performed a collaboration with Silje Ree at the European Camarade in Manchester. The event was held at the Anthony Burgess Centre as part of the European Poetry Festival.

manchester camarade
The full performance is able to be watched below. If it’s permitted, I would like to advise you to pay close attention to the introduction to the piece.

I wasn’t able to attend nearly as many events as I would have liked this year, but I expect that after such strong success the event will be held again in 2019.

European Poetry Festival website

University Camarade III

On Saturday 10th February I performed a collaborative poem with Brontë Pleasants as part of the University Camarade at Rich Mix Cultural Foundation.

university camarade.png

A video of the performance can be watched below. The beginning of the recording is cut off but I’m able to provide you with what’s missing: it’s in a hearse and

Initially was unsure about taking part in the camarade as I’d never done any collaborative writing prior to this but I’m so glad that I did.

Moth Dust

My debut chapbook Moth Dust was officially published by Sampson Low on 2nd January 2018 as part of the Writers’ Centre Kingston series. The chapbook comes out alongside two others, making it the sixth in the series overall.

moth dust cover

The official statement is as follows:

Moth Dust by Yvonne Litschel is at its core an exploration of death, and both its presence and prevalence in all aspects of existence. Whether positioned at the forefront of the piece, or present in a less overt manner, death can be found throughout the collection. Through a combination of lyricism and disjunction, the reader is accompanied through various narratives and encouraged to reflect upon the inevitable and learn to accept or even embrace it. The varying degrees of discussion aim to open up a dialogue about topics surrounding death.

Although of course I am in a position to tell you more than the formalities. There is a poem about alternative burial methods. There is a poem about not knowing how to cook chicken. There is a disjunctive modern fable, and there is a parodied Kafka reference. There is a space on the reverse of the front cover where I considered putting some sort of quote but decided against it for fear of seeming pretentious, so perhaps you could add your own.

I don’t know how it is getting things published in general, but I feel so fortunate to have had such a positive experience for my first time, as I got to work with some genuinely wonderful people – SJ Fowler, editor of the Writers’ Centre Kingston series, and Alban Low, the publisher I worked with from Sampson Low – to whom I cannot express my gratitude enough for the time they put into helping me produce this. I’m so grateful to have been given this opportunity, especially as I’ve never had anything I’ve written published anywhere before, let alone a little book all to myself.

Currently the chapbook is only available for purchase from the publisher, but I endeavour to make it available directly from myself at some point to allow the possibility of being able to scrawl something inside upon request.


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