Bookmaking and Design

Mothertongue: a multilingual anthology

I took on the role of Production Manager as part of a group assignment during my MA Publishing course, in which we created a limited edition perfect bound anthology. This role involved: evaluating production options, including paper, binding methods, and special applications; obtaining print quotes; communicating with external suppliers; and discussing requirements with technicians. I was tasked with independently printing and binding thirty copies of the book, which included four digitally printed translucent inserts. While unfortunately not available for purchase, the anthology is able to be read online here.


The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

As part of a book design module, we were tasked to present the same contents in two different ways. I chose to use the short story The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka as my content.

For my first prototype (left) I used the standard text, reformatted thematically, in Swiss binding so as to be able to use book cloth while highlighting the kettle stitch binding. I bound the book in signatures of six, as opposed to eight, and the kettle stitch has six sections, both to subtly allude to the insect theme of the narrative.
The cover was bound in white book cloth, with design added through Inkjet printing. The endpapers were Gmund Leather paper, and the pages were Mohawk Superfine, printed digitally.

For my second more experimental prototype (right), I used blizzard binding with French folds, and as the pages continue the text begins to distort and become more difficult to understand, much like the protagonist in The Metamorphosis struggles to communicate intelligibly following his transformation. The spine—which holds the pages without any adhesive or stitching—is GF Smith Colorplan Sapphire, the pages are Zanders Zeta Linen, and the contents were printed using a risograph.