I enjoy creating work that pushes the boundaries of semantics and sense. In the work I did for one of the Sidekick Books anthologies, I distorted out-of-copy texts on topics prevalent to discourse on AI and created poetry from the resulting OCR output. It’s heavily disjunctive and relatively nonsensical but it still conveys something, maybe not anything particularly coherent, but something. I endeavour to have the same impact in writing produced solely by myself: perhaps what I intended to convey isn’t what’s interpreted by the reader, or viewer as the case may be, but they will glean their own insights into what they see, and in that way contribute towards the piece.

In terms of readings, my favourite kind is when the audience is unsure whether something is genuine or part of the performance. When performing with Silje Ree as part of the European Poetry Festival, I began the performance by inferring that we were a couple. Whether the audience believed that it was true, or that it was part of the act, or chose to discard it all together, would impact their experience of the poem we read. Afterwards other poets kept coming up to us and asking if we were a couple, to which we told them in truth that we were not. I like the spaces in between what’s planned where I can talk freely and draw in the people around me.

In the future I intend to develop my work further, in particular to play with the way writing is arranged on the page, to use more art in my work, and to learn to make use of silence on stage. I also endeavour to explore the use of resin and its potential to create more dynamic and physical pieces.

If you have any kind of creative project—whether an exhibition, anthology, or performance—which you would be interested in my contributing towards, please do not hesitate to contact me.